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Here's what you need to know about Bail Bonds

You, your family members or someone you know may have been arrested for one reason or the other. Nobody would like to stay in jail, which is the reason why people who have been arrested are given the chance to apply for bail bonds. Everyone is entitled to a bail bond unless the authorities deem otherwise.Bail bonds can be paid directly to the court in full amount, but if you want to save money, you can look for bail bondsmen and give them some of the collateral which they can use as a surety bail in case you disappear on them.

Bail bonds are affordable, but there are other times when they are just too costly. With the services of a bail bond company (licensed bondsman), you do not need to pay the full amount of the bail in order to be released from jail.

Licensed bondsmen charge 10% of the bail amount and leave the court a guarantee that their defendant will not fail to appear at court hearings. The bail bond is therefore basically a contract between the bondsman, courts and the individual posting the bail. The bail agents have to ensure that their defendant never fails to appear as both of the parties have agreed.

Once someone has been arrested in New Jersey, their family or friends should contact the bail agent before he or she is released. The bail agent will make the arrangements for posting of the bail. Both parties sign an agreement, then the bail agent posts a bond the required amount of bail as a guarantee that the defendant will not miss any court hearings.

The defendant is supposed to check in on the bail agent on a regular basis but if he or she doesn't and is neither traceable, the person who looked for the bail agent on behalf of the defendant and co-signed the agreement will be responsible for paying the full amount.

If the bail agent is able to track down the defendant, he can arrest him or her and the co-signer will also be responsible for any bills incurred by the bail agent. Being a co-signer is therefore very risky.If you do not want to incur unnecessary expenses, you have to ensure that as a co-signer, you know the whereabouts of the defendant so that you can be able to remind to ensure they reach the court in case they do not want to go.

Bail bonds in New Jersey apply to the jurisdictions of the area and all bail agents follow them strictly. Bail bond agents can be located at any time of the day or night. As long as you are able to provide collateral or a similar amount of your bail, they will always be at your service.After the defendant has attended all the court appearances and the case is closed, the bail bond can then be dissolved and any kind of collateral given by the defendant or whoever posted it to the bail bondsman should be returned.

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