Bail Bond Process


Bail Bond Process

In most instances, bad times do not give a warning before coming. And, if you are dragged behind the bars, for either a lawfully wrong act which you might have done, or not done but have been accused of doing, you might be looking for a bail.

How does Bail Bond Process Work?

If a case is filed against you, chances are that the police will arrest you, and you will have to stay in the jail, unless you get a bail for yourself.

But does the story end here? No.

If a case is already filed, there will be running trials in the court of law, for and against you, and this would continue days and days, until the judge finds the right solution to the issue. So, what if it takes months or years for the case to resolve? While, in some major grievance cases such as murders, and so on, you may not be granted with a bail, but for other minor issues, a bail is generally granted.

But that doesn't mean that you don't need to come to the court anymore. Rather, to have the bail, you have to agree to a bail bond, based on the court's terms and conditions. You also need to be presented on each of the dates that court declares for the trial to be run.

What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is an agreement that a defendant in the court (be it for a criminal case or for a civil arrest), signs to be allowed to stay out of the jail on bail while the case is ongoing on trial, but agrees to pay an amount (as decided by the court) if he/she fails to be present in the court, on the date as given by the court for its next trial session.

How to obtain a bail bond?

You cannot create bail bonds on your own and hand it over to the court. For this purpose, you need a bail bond agent, who, if finds you suitable for the bond, agrees to post the bail.

Naturally, a huge stake remains with the bail bond agent who has the responsibility to make the payment to the court, in case the defendant doesn't turn up in real, which is why you also need to make some securities and submissions to the agent, so that he can cover up for the payment.

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